Horse riding

Horse riding experiences

Horse riding experiences

With Brickscape you can experience many kind of horse riding!

All you can wish! From a romantic trekking on horseback - at sunset - with your love. An engaging riding western style riding lesson immersed in the coutryside nature colors. A fascinating English Horse Riding lesson to experience the thrill of showjumping. Get involved in this adventure and you will know a new exciting world!

Step into a stable and smell the hay...

Before riding a horse, Brickscape suggests you start taking care of him, from brushing the horse back, preparing the saddle, stroking and talking to him. Discover all Brickscape  proposals to be amazed by this noble animals.

What will your horse be like? Docile, touchy, gritty, quarterhourse, or Irish gypsy?

Don't worry, the master's experience allows anyone to get close to the horses that can best relate to you. For few hours or a week, you and your horse will slowly become as just one soul. Find out where to do your first horse riding lessons!

The pleasure of living in a ranch!

Brickscape gives you the opportunity to spend an holidays in cottages, ranches and Horse Friendly hotels. Facilities equipped for all horse riding enthusiasts, where you can breathe the love fot this discipline and where you can always find a couple of stirrups, a saddle and a riding crop.

In these structures everything revolves around the life of the stables and its inhabitants. You will be hosted by historical families who have been practicing the art of horse riding for generations. No one would ever imagine how much affinity there can be between rider and horse. In these structures there are souls, that associates every nitrite a name and an identity.

Immerse yourself in intensive riding courses for pro and horse lovers or spend a weekend living the farm life to become familiar with these beautiful specimens and relax yourself while slowly riding in woods paths.

Try a guided ride on horseback through the Tuscan hills, an excursion through the paths of the Umbrian countryside, along the enchantment of the Via Francesca, skirting vineyards and cultivated fields. Experience an horseback ride in a wonderful corner of the Apennines among beech, larch and fir trees on an elegant horse saddle, stop for a picnic on the meadows, visit medieval villages, enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Ride your own personal experience with Brickscape.

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