Romantic weekend

Live an italian romantic getaway along your partner and give yourself an unique experience. Let you be cuddled by a romantic weekend in a refuge surrounded by flawless mountains or by the sea and its nature as well or even more in one of the most beautiful italian art cities.

Discover in the best way possible all Florence, Rome and Venice secrets through unforgettable walking tour taken both in the morning or the evening and... why not!? Indulge a food walking and enjoy tasty street food! Every City got its own! Fancy learning how to prepare them??

Take a part in a cooking class and discover every secret of these extremely tasty dishes!

Choose your next city break to spend a romantic weekend. Two relaxing days that you can spend in Italy between nature, art and culture cities. Discover fascinating places where you will appreciate beautiful landscapes and authentic flavours.

You will be welcomed in historic villages and castles surrounded by a marvelous nature. Discover the best italian wineries or enjoy the most famous vineyard tours in Italy. An Italian Romantic Weekend is the best occasion for a wine tasting where cheers at the moments far from the frenetic all day's life.