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Do you love nature, the Italian countryside and adventure? Look on Brickscape for the experience which moves you and makes of you the protagonist of something really special.

The whole of Italy and its splendid countryside is the backdrop for each travel experience offered by Brickscape. It matters not if your heart beats for two wheels or the sails of a boat, with the Brickscape search engine you will find experiences to be had on a bike, a boat, or on foot. Trekking in the mountains and countryside, sailing the Mediterranean in a boat, catamaran or yacht, rafting on the most beautiful rivers of our country or diving and snorkelling in breath-taking waters, or dedicating yourself to special activities such as street-workout and exploring all the dimensions of fitness. Muleteer or mountain tracks, coastal waters in a sailing boat, sun-drenched beaches and lakes, rivers and high gorges, from water sports to mountain climbing, you can choose experiences for just a few hours, a day or a whole week, such as how to book a crossing in a luxury boat or choose it as the location for your special moments.

You will discover the nature of Italy and the adventurous style of life in the open air by motor-bike or camper, choosing adventure tailored to your dimensions, for singles, couples, for those travelling as a family or in a group of friends, to share your own passions and thrills. A portfolio of offers which cover all possibilities of travel experience to be enjoyed in the open air. Cycling, climbing, mountain-bike touring or a promenade on a horse, Brickscape always has the right answer to feed your yen for adventure. And if you do not have the equipment with you, you can hire it from those who have using Sharewood, our sporting equipment social sharing partner, in order not to lose the best opportunities of your travel experience.

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