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Live and enjoy a special place is a real experience!

Accommodation & Experience by Bricskcape is a new way of Experiential Living!

Whether you spend a weekend in a house on a tree or in an eco-friendly hotel, you will experience a special moment.

From Sicily to Calabria, from Puglia to Lazio, from Umbria to Tuscany, from Veneto to Trentino, in small villages as well as in large cities; it will a real stunning experience!

Boat, yacht or catamaran? Every morning the border will be just the sea and the sky!

Holiday Farms, Country Relais? You will find fields, trees or high peaks ready to climb to make your day special. Thanks to Brickscape you will share these special moments with people who are special to you, for an unforgettable travel experience.

Caravan, RV or Camping? You will sleep every night in a different place, with the road as the only limit! You will experience the silence, the nature and the history's charm.

Together with Brickscape, you will live among nature and adventure.

Enjoy with us the experience of an adventurous camping and live adrenaline-fueled emotions as sleeping at high altitude or in a wild island. These are just some of the experiential places that Brickscape can offer you

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