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Cultural tourism

Enough with the usual tours. How tedious! Expand your horizons and enrich your knowledge!

Brickscape proposes visits and excursions in the spirit of fun, putting a human face and a fresh look on experiencing the world of culture.

You would be able to explore Italy's cultural heritage with your family and children in a different way; unique, unforgettable and engaging.

Travel, enjoying oneself, trying to learn; for Brickscape these are key concepts for all experiences.

Tours and visits with impassioned expert guides, who know to hold your attention and to amaze you with little known stories and anecdotes of each location, or the most fascinating aspects of the Italian countryside. Art and music, a visit to museum, a gallery or display, attend a show, discover more on painting and sculpture. Live it, experience it in person. The Brickscape cultural experiences allow all barriers to drop and to pass to the enjoyment of works of art and their creation. You could learn the most interesting aspects about a collection of antique ceramics, or try your hand at doing it yourself, study objects in wood and learn how to make them, and also exclusively to access places of art which will be opened up to you only.

Culture, but also the environment, and nature at all points of the compass. Amazing, driving at the wheel of a Fiat Cinquecento through the Chianti countryside and tasting the best Italian wines. Suggest an adventure to the Coliseum to your children with the magic of the larger than life. Jump in the saddle of a mountain bike and ride through lands a long way from the tourist routes. Arrive at an art collection which opens the doors only to you, and just a few other fortunate people.

If your wish is to live through a really unique travel experience, Brickscape always has the right answer for you!

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